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Above Ground Pool Installation,  NJ

The case for an above ground pool:

Above ground pools provide all the delight of an in-ground with the cost and construction headache. Just as their in ground cousins, above ground pools are capable of transforming any property into an incredible summer oasis, providing family and friends with endlessly delightful outdoor fun.


Easy to make your own.

Above ground pools are easy to customize based on preference, lot size and landscape motif, since they come a variety of shapes and sizes. Moreover, they are frequently equipped with special features that will be surpass your expectations. 

Durability and fun

You might not be aware of all the advantages an above ground pool offers the future pool builder. With the utility and durability (and fun!) of both options being similar, let's discuss other factors that are capable of closing the deal for an above ground pool.


Above ground pools have critical advantages that make them just as--if not not more--appealing as in ground pools.


Did you know above ground pools tend to be less expensive.

Why? well, for starters above ground pools are typically smaller in size, so they require less (eg, chemicals and manual effort) to keep the water nice and clean.

Installation tends to be much simpler, as well, since with an above ground pool you do not need to employ the help of diggers to excavate your property. You will likely save big on materials like fiberglass, cement, machinery, labor, etc.

Safety first. 

The most important benefit of all might be that above ground pools are actually safer than in ground pools. There's much less of a chance of child or pet falling into the water since they actually need to climb up to take a tumble. If you customize a deck around your above ground pool, safety gates can be securely fashioned to help prevent accidents and increase safety. 

A pool is a pool is a pool.

You can still pretty much achieve the same goals with an above ground pool that you can with an in ground pool. The one difference is that in ground pool might be larger (not always), but all other features are often the same. You can even add similar bells and whistles to above ground pools often found in in ground pools (eg, slides, fountains, elaborate decking, waterfalls). The sky is the limit in terms the ways in which an above ground pool can be customized.  

Less maintenance and clean up.

Who doesn't like less maintenance? Above ground pool simply contain less water. That means effort to clean, less energy to pump and less chemicals to keep harmful bacteria at bay. You can even fashion a personal spa pool by using UV to clean the water.

So simple and quick to install, above ground pools are like instapools

Above ground pools are modular, customizable and super simple to install. Their portability make installation so easy that, in many cases, you can be enjoying your brand new pool in a few hours. Above ground pools can almost be considered instapools.

Less energy to heat.

Less water means less to heat. Above ground pools get warmer faster than in ground pools, thereby saving you on heating costs. If you need more help to help the pool than the sun, there are great solar heaters and blankets made for above ground pools that work quite effectively and efficiently. 

Liner replace is necessary sometimes, but so simple. 

We're also one of the few experts in above ground pool liner replacement in NJ. In fact, we partner with some of the best above ground pool stores in NJ to ensure you have the top supplies needed to keep your pool in tip top shape.


If you have more question about how an above ground pool might be the right option for you and your family, please reach out at the link below and a specialist will get right back to you.

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