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Fiberglass Pools, NJ

At NJ Pool & Spa, we have the installation process of fiberglass pools down to a science. That doesn't mean we won't custom build a bespoke paradise around your new fiberglass pool that will exceed all your expectations. 

What's special about a fiberglass pool?

These type of pools, over time, seem to have the lowest associated costs. What's special is the shell: it's resistant to algae growth, is a more effective insulator and the structure never needs to have a liner replaced (unlike vinyl lined pools and resurfacing required with Gunite pools).  

Fiberglass pools have speedy installation.

Fiberglass swimming pool comes direct from the factory in one piece. These pre-made pools and are ready to install in as little as 4 days. Less mess and less time than fiberglass and Gunite pools.

Surprisingly strong with less maintenance.

To make fiberglass pools super strong, they are comprised of several layer that are fused together to form a tough and durable, nonabrasive outer shell. 


The surface is smooth and non-porous so it cleans easily and is very stain resistant. Of all the swimming pool types, fiberglass pools require the least maintenance. In many cases, they require half the maintenance work you’d need to do for concrete or vinyl. This is due to their waterproof gel surface coating that creates a nonporous layer so nothing, including algae or chemicals, seep in. So, in other words, they require less brushing, skimming and/or adding of chemicals vs their Gunite or vinyl cousins.   

Multiple shapes and sizes.

Whether you want a kidney shape, rectangle or circle, fiberglass pools come a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Even though they come pre-made from the factory, you can get all the bells and whistles you'd come to expect from custom pools, including built-in seating and water falls.

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