gunite pools are the pools we grew up with

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Gunite Pools

What are Gunite pools?

Gunite swimming pools, or concrete pools, are a common choice around much of the country--especially in the southern part of the United States.

Gunite pools are the swimming pools we grew up with.

Gunite pools have been around the longest of all pool types. They are the pools that come to mind when we think about the ways in which pools are installed. Usually construction crews dig a big hole, install the plumbing and then build the foundation grid with steel rods (or "rebars"). These rebars are reinforced with wire. After this is completed, a heavy coating of gunite, a mixture of cement and sand, is sprayed around the rebar. After this wet concrete mixture dries, a smooth finish is applied to the surface (the most popular being plaster, tile or pebble).

Gunite pools are custom made and come in any shape or size.
Gunite pools are highly durable, especially when constructed in warm climates, and they can be built in any shape or size. These kind of pools are custom built and come in a limitless number of shapes and sizes.

Unlike fiberglass pools, Gunite pools are built right on site. Due to their steel framework, Gunite pools are highly durable and keep their shape for many years.

Longer installation times vs other options

Since Gunite pools are so customized and built on site, they can take many months to construct. Installation time is longer for these types of pools than for their other pool cousins. Also, since they can have porous surfaces, Gunite pools might require more maintenance. 

Gunite pools are still perceived to the the "classic," most durable pools on the market. Consumers definitely have more options theses days, so it pays to be educated...

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