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Salt Water Pools, NJ

Saltwater pools are increasingly becoming more popular and are definitely on trend. There are some true benefits to saltwater pools that might make them ideal for your family.

First of all, are saltwater pools sanitary? Are saltwater they chlorinated?

The popular misconception is that saltwater pools are not chlorinated, but, in fact, they are. These types of pools actually use another means of chlorination that is quite different than what is conventionally done, which is, when chlorine levels drop, more is manually added. In salt water pools, the salt in the water kicks off a chemical reaction, called electrolysis, which generates salt chlorine. The salt chlorine acts a cleansing agent.

What other key differences do saltwater pools have?

Since the chlorine content in saltwater pools might be lower than those of conventional pools, saltwater pools are thought to be gentler on the body (eg, skin, hair and eyes).


What is a Salt Chlorine Generator? 

The disinfecting action of the saltwater is achieved through a salt chlorine generator. Water is pumped through out the pool by this mechanism, which is a metal cell that carries a low voltage electrical current. As the water passes through the metal cell, the current splits the salt into water and hypochlorous acid, which provides the disinfecting function normally achieved by adding chlorine.

This metal cell helps to split the salt into water and hypochlorous acid, which is the part that cleanses the water. This saltwater generator eliminates the need to add chlorine. The salt does not evaporate, so the action happens over and over again. This is why manually adding chlorine to a saltwater pool is not necessary for these kind so of pools. However, chlorine levels must be measured. If salt amounts dip too low, then salt must be added to bring the chlorine to optimal levels.

Is a saltwater pool as salty as an ocean?

Saltwater pools have a fraction of the salinity found in ocean water. In fact, saltwater pools have less salt than a person's tears. This fortunately means that swimmers will not get intense dry skin or stinging eyes commonly experienced in ocean water. 

Can conventional pools be converted to saltwater pools?

We can help convert your traditional pool into a saltwater pool by installing a salt chlorine generator that's able to handle your pool's volume of water. There is some work involved, of course, but it's a fairly straightforward process.. 

What kind of maintenance is involved in keeping a saltwater pool?

On a regular basis, your pool's salt levels must be tested and adjusted to maintain proper sanitation. The salt chlorine generator cell must also be examined to ensure there's no build up or debris. A common issue that must be avoided is calcium build up, which can reduce the effectiveness of salt chlorine generators. Beyond that, saltwater pools are quite turnkey and a pleasure to own.

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