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Hot Tubs, Jacuzzis and Spas 101

NJ is beautiful and your backyard space should be, too!

Don't fall for the hype! The landscape around our state is a marvel. Your spa's environment should highlight NJ's lush and green topography. 

The key is customization

At NJ Pool&Spa, we are pros at customization. We can give you the best looking spa environment by taking into account your preferences and home landscape. We have a wide variety of options and work with the best materials to help you get just the right result.

Think about your spa goals

After a long day of work or play, what do you think about when it comes to a spa or jacuzzi in your backyard? Are you soaking in warm water to relieve joints or to ease your mind? What would you like to look or listen to when enjoying the experience? Flowers? Trees? Rolling water? We have all these scenarios worked out and can present you with options that will surely please you, your family and guests. 

Part of installing a new jacuzzi or a pre-owned, certified spa requires an artistic vision to get the scenario and vibe just right. Our team of designers have perfected the art of creating peaceful spaces around gorgeous spas. 

We are more than your local pool expert in NJ

At NJ Pool&Spa, we feel as passionate about hot tubs and spas as we do about pools. If you can imagine it, we can build it. We will turn your space into a sight to behold and enjoy for years to come with the use of water falls, lighting, BBQ islands, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, pergolas, sound systems, etc. Our goal is to create a faraway retreat for you right i your backyard. We are also great at repairing and reconditioning used hot tubs and jacuzzis to bring them back to life.

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