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Spools (or Small Pools), NJ

Spools—ideal for smaller properties

If you thought that owning a pool is not an option due to your small backyard, think again! Small pools or "spools" can fit into almost any space. 


What's also special about spools is that while they are obviously smaller than your average sized pool, they are very versatile. They can be used during all seasons. In fact, they act like a pool in the summer, but can be transformed into a spa during the chillier times of the year. (Clearly, spools are an ideal choice for NJ.)

Here is a recap of the some of the many advantages of spools:

  • Great for limited space.

  • Great for people who want a pool AND spa. Now you don't have to choose! A spool can be used as both.

  • Great for people who want to use their spool year round, even in the cold. 

  • Great for people on a budget. Spools do not cost as much to install, repair and maintain.

  • Great for people who are interested in having a water feature (eg, a waterfall or fountain) in their yard. Spools can be used for that purpose, as well.

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